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Help shut down the dog meat trade



Sign this letter today to help us reach our goal of one million signatures to present our letter to the Government of the Philippines, calling on them to enforce the existing law and stop this brutal trade once and for all.


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To: The Bureau of Animal Industry of the Department of Agriculture and the Local Government Units of the Philippines 


We are writing to request the Bureau of Animal Industry of the Department of Agriculture and local government units actively enforce the existing laws regarding the brutal torture and slaughter of dogs under The Animal Welfare Act of 1998, The Anti-Rabies Act of 2007 and The National Meat Inspection Service Act No. 10536. 


It has been fifteen years since the Philippines introduced a ban on the dog meat trade. And yet, the trade is still very much alive. Unlike the victims.  

The official AC01 National Plan of Action to effectively eliminate the trade of dogs for meat was collaboratively developed by Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF), the police and with government agencies including the Bureau of Animal Industry, in 2016. To date, AKF have been entirely responsible for actioning the delivery of this plan. 


We are requesting the Bureau of Animal Industry to recognise the ongoing proliferation of the trade, the growing national concern and the perceived inaction of the government. The Bureau must take a stronger stance to stop the cruel trade and put an end to the atrocities committed towards dogs and their consumption. 


We urge that tougher penalties are applied to those violating the law. This action and enforcement of the existing laws and regulations will ensure the government’s compliance with the robust Animal Welfare Act of 1998 that prohibits the torture, maltreatment, cruelty, neglect, abandonment and the killing of dogs.  


Many countries around the world have already taken extensive action and banned, and enforced, this horrific trade years ago.  


Through this letter we urge the government to act likewise and ensure the AC01 National Plan of Action to eliminate the dog meat trade in the Philippines is fully and robustly implemented.  


Although we recognise the existing laws as great progress, this is not enough. The laws must be enforced. 500 dogs are still dying every single day in this illegal commercial trade. 


The laws must be actively enforced to ensure that no dog suffers from this torture. 

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You can help shut down the illegal dog meat trade in the Philippines. Act now to stop thousands of dogs from being tortured and butchered for their meat.


Every aspect of this underground industry is horrifically cruel and inhumane.


They might not have a voice of their own, but they do have you. Will you help?


In the time it will take for you to sign this letter, another dog will have been tortured, beaten and killed for the dinner table. The agony and immense suffering these dogs go through is almost unimaginable.  


You hold great power in your fingertips. Sign the letter now and call on the government of the Philippines to take decisive action and impose tougher penalties on those violating the law.


You can put a stop to this unspeakable cruelty. Add your name today.


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This barbaric cruelty needs to end. Sign our letter to the government of the Philippines, only with your signature will they listen.
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